Our Roots And Future 


The former Girl Scout camp across from Lewisville Park in Battle Ground, Washington sat vacant since 1996—forgotten and overgrown. Clark County was unable to put this beautiful site to use; therefore, they were willing to let a group of citizens organize an effort involving local businesses and community members to support the vision of Camp Hope.


Camp Hope is an educational nonprofit youth camp, with the mission of empowering kids to face life's challenges through the principles of trust, truth and unconditional love. The camp is a safe place for the youth of our community--where they can come to enjoy the outdoors, while learning valuable life lessons alongside caring mentors, building lasting friendships.


Many groups have already enjoyed the camp experience! They have hiked trails, visited caves, splashed in the river, roasted over the fire, shot arrows, created art and slept in the renovated cabins. The response of kids enjoying the camp experience has been phenomenal! We invite you to come see for yourself why so many tweens and teens love Camp Hope.


Additionally, programs are being developed and implemented to help students navigate the waters of adolescence. These programs and classes model valuable lessons of compassion, leadership, honor, courage, and teamwork. Some of these lessons are taught in the classroom setting using dynamic hands-on student directive tools. Other lessons are learned shoulder-to-shoulder building trails, shooting arrows, and cleaning up after dinner. More valuable lessons are learned while sitting around the campfire, watching the flickering blazes, connecting with others. For some kids, these are never-before-experienced moments. At Camp Hope, we believe all of these experiences are essential pieces of the fabric that keep our youth—and our community—strong.


Making a positive, sustainable difference in the lives of our youth by offering them another opportunity to succeed in life—to learn, grow, and thrive—is the desire of all camp members. The vision of Camp Hope is for the community to come together and make this camp an integral part of engaging, supporting, and strengthening our youth, long into the future.