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Stirring the heart, feeding the mind, and activating the body


The Camp Hope mission is to compassionately reach youth, empowering them to overcome life’s challenges.

We are a non-profit, 501(c) (3) charity organization in Clark County founded in 2012. Programs at Camp Hope were established in response to the rise in teen suicides,  substance abuse, mental health issues and low academic performance among youth in Southwest  Washington.

Recent research highlights the critical role that time outdoors and time in nature play in bolstering  adolescents’ resilience to stressors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and underscore the need to  facilitate outdoor recreation opportunities for youth during times of crisis. Camp Hope seeks to empower youth, particularly at-risk youth, and provide them with skills to  overcome life's challenges by stirring the body, mind, and heart in an outdoor community of love and  support.

Our Discovery Day Camp program occurs from March through November of each year. One Saturday per month the staff and volunteers leads a full day of camp to enrich the lives of youth ages 10-18, often reaching at-risk and disadvantaged youth.  In addition to these monthly Saturday camps, Camp Hope led camp for several partner organizations, including Rock Solid Teen Center, The Boys and Girls Club, and several foster youth camps. To read more about our Discovery Day Camps, download the 2021 Annual Summary here.

To assure that youth of all socioeconomic backgrounds can participate, Camp Hope has established a scholarship program to remove any financial barrier that might keep youth from taking part in the outdoor programs. In 2021, over 227 kids received scholarships to camp thanks to generous grants from The Parks Foundation and Washington Recreation and Conservation Office as well as private donors. A grant from No Child Left Inside program also provided financial support for staff, supplies, and food, keeping costs down for all campers. If you would like to donate to our camp programs click here.

Over 1700 youth participated in camps here in 2021 through our facility rental program.  We would love to add more youth program partners to the Camp Hope family.


To read more about this and other highlights, read our 2021 Annual Summary and recent NEWSLETTER.

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