Registration Now Closed - July 25th 2020 - Outdoor Discovery Camp
Woohoo! Let Freedom Ring! We are so excited to finally open our 1st Day Camp of the season! July 25th, 9:30-3:30, Ages 10-17 - In honor of 4th of July, our Campers will be participating in an exciting American History Scavenger Hunt, as well as some other fun activities and projects.

Please fill out our 2020 Complete Liability Waiver and Participation Agreement & E-Mail to us at CampHope@camphope-wa.org. We must have this on file for campers to participate.

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Day Camper's Feedback!

10 out of five stars! The people I met here are my friends now. What would I change? Nothing, because it's perfect.

I liked the scavenger hunt best because it was a challenge.

Once I started to meet people, I felt more comfortable.

What I like most about camp today was the teamwork, the archery and the people here. Coming to camp makes me feel happy, stress-free, and more social. Five stars, I never expected to have as much fun as I did.

I love the archery. At camp I feel happy, outdoorsy, and safe. Everything was fun and awesome. The people I met here were friendly and it's like a big family. I learned about nature.





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