Registration CLOSED - June 19th 2021 - Outdoor Discovery Camp
Outdoor Discovery Camp June 19th, 9:30-3:30 Ages 10-17 Fun Activities Planned!

Please fill out our 2021 Complete Liability Waiver and Participation Agreement & E-Mail to us at We must have this on file for campers to participate.

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Day Camper's Feedback!

10 out of five stars! The people I met here are my friends now. What would I change? Nothing, because it's perfect.

I liked the scavenger hunt best because it was a challenge.

Once I started to meet people, I felt more comfortable.

What I like most about camp today was the teamwork, the archery and the people here. Coming to camp makes me feel happy, stress-free, and more social. Five stars, I never expected to have as much fun as I did.

I love the archery. At camp I feel happy, outdoorsy, and safe. Everything was fun and awesome. The people I met here were friendly and it's like a big family. I learned about nature.