Yellow Seeds of Hope

Camp Hope has a little friend. She's only nine. She saved her birthday money and tucked it in a cheerful yellow envelope; she added a pack of seeds-big golden sunflowers. She carefully penned "camp hope" and drew a beautiful heart. She gave it with a shy smile and a twinkle in her eye- to a place she loves-Camp Hope. It wasn't always so, for this little girl. She has faced great tragedy and is overcoming. Today she smiles, when before she had no smile. She runs and twirls with joy, when before her steps were cautious, slow. The bounce in her step reminds us of what Camp Hope is all about--safety, connecting, learning, growing, thriving. It's a small thing, that little yellow envelope. But what's inside, what it represents, are the seeds of something big, something quite incredible. We are grateful to be able to watch seeds take root, hope germinate, and love bloom--through changed lives at Camp Hope.

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