Rolling up sleeves and digging into projects is the way of life at Camp Hope. Many groups visit the camp throughout the year, cleaning up various areas of wood debris and creating more beautiful spaces at in which campers can relax and enjoy nature. Trail work is always in progress so that campers can enjoy year-round treks through the forest. We are thankful to all of our volunteers and work groups for their willingness to jump in and help make Camp Hope the beautiful community resource that it is!


Some of our board members are currently working on a master plan with the county planners and a designer. Upon approval, we are hoping to raise funds for our next project, which will be a main pavilion in the lower compound. The pavilion will be a wonderful addition to the camp, as we are currently lacking a large covered gathering area. 


Cabins roofs need renovating and on-going projects continue to keep staff and volunteers busy. Mother Nature does her part to keep us occupied by dropping limbs, growing thistles, and sprouting plentiful amounts of grass. We love the growing season, but also look forward to the winter rest cycle.


Stay tuned for upcoming workdays and continued progress at Camp Hope.

rivers edge
pumpkin patch
pod two
pod three
pod two shelter
pod one
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