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Outdoor Education

About Camp Hope

Our Mission:

Camp Hope of SW WA helps youth thrive through outdoor-based learning, adventure, and fun.

Our Values:

Wonder: We stand in awe of all creation and how each child is wonderfully made.

Discovery: We promote healthy outdoor exploration, work, and play.

Stewardship: We are committed to being good caretakers of the people, resources and land entrusted to us.

Community: We partner with schools, churches, and organizations who invest in youth and the future of our community.

Service: We are a Christian organization motivated by our faith to love and serve children and youth, especially underserved youth. We are inclusive, serving youth and families of all faiths and backgrounds. 

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Filled with Hope.

We believe every child is wonderfully made and deserving of love, and our goal is to make every camper feel loved and full of hope. We provide healthy meals, scholarships for those who need it, and friendly, caring staff. Our staff are trauma-informed and partner with parents and guardians to provide a positive camp experience.


Adventurous Learners.

Spending time in nature is proven to improve children’s academic performance, focus, and behavior.  Children also improve social skills as they explore the outdoors together.  Our camps strive to inspire adventurous learning, and in turn, build confident leaders as they try new things and face their fears.


Lovers of Nature.

Childhood has moved indoors, leaving a generation disconnected from the natural world. Camp provides freedom to smell the woods, feel the heat of the fire, hear the wind, see the river ebb and flow, feel the dirt, and breathe in fresh air. Meaningful, positive experiences like these inspire children and adults to get outside more and subsequently improve their well-being. Camp is also a big factor in teaching children to care for the natural environment and pursue vocations that are outdoors. At Camp Hope we help kids and adults fall in love with nature.

Team Builders.

We emphasize teamwork in all we do because together we can accomplish so much more. We provide many opportunities for youth to build healthy teams and friendships through games, activities, fundraisers, and community events. We demonstrate respect and good teamwork among staff and with our partner organizations.

Guiding Principles
We aspire to create campers who are:

Interested in volunteering or working at Camp Hope? 

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