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See what our Campers have to say about Camp Hope!!!

"I'm not sure what you could change, the experience was amazing!"

"Don't change nothin, I liked everything, it was awesome."

"People were really nice! We did really cool activities."

"It is a big world with lots of good people."

"It was a positive experience to be out with other people."

"My child has been so much happier since he started going to camp and he's proud of himself for being brave and going to camp."

"10 out of five stars! The people I met here are my friends now. What would I change? Nothing, because it's perfect.

I liked the scavenger hunt best because it was a challenge."


"Once I started to meet people, I felt more comfortable."


"What I like most about camp today was the teamwork, the archery and the people here. Coming to camp makes me feel happy, stress-free, and more social. Five stars, I never expected to have as much fun as I did."


"I love the archery. At camp I feel happy, outdoorsy, and safe. Everything was fun and awesome. The people I met here were friendly and it's like a big family. I learned about nature."


"The scavenger hunt was the best thing about camp today. I would like more activities. The people were nice."


"I liked everything about camp. Spending the night would make it better."


"I liked the helpful and nice atmosphere as well as teaching."

"I learned how to make friends with people I didn't know."

"I learned you shouldn't judge by the looks of other people. They can turn out to be the best and most fun people to be around."

"I liked the caves, the bonfire and much more."

"I liked the fresh air and the atmosphere and the beautiful trees."

"There are lots of plants you can eat; weeds might be food; they can be useful."

"I liked the caves and hiking."

"When we all work together it's more fun."

"We learned a lot about how to survive in the forest."


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